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Orphanage & School

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Orphanage & School

The Orphanage and Church Buildings

The Saint Thomas Orphanage and School is in a remote village called Kachuvadi, three hours south of Bangalore. The orphanage has been running at the Kachuvadi site since 1996 and was started in 1994 by Pastor Johnson. There are currently 84 children who live and go to school there.

All of these children are from very poor backgrounds; some have lost one or both of their parents, and others with both parents have poor families that are unable to provide for them. The Saint Thomas Orphanage and School provides a haven for such children, where they are able to get a good education and be looked after properly.

There are four teachers, a manager, and two domestic staff who live and work on site (for more information, click here). Pastor Johnson is based in Yelchanahalli, just outside Bangalore, and travels to the orphanage once a week.

The Older Orphanage Children having Arithmatic Lessons

The children have a busy day with school running from 9 am to 4 pm as well as having to study for one hour before and one hour after school. The school is split up into four classes and students are taught on site until they reach 6th grade (age 12). Once a student reaches the age of 12, they must travel by bus to the next village to attend the high school.

The Saint Thomas Orphanage and School is part of the charity WWPSP Mission, which was started in 1987 by Pastor Johnson because of his care and concern for the people of India. The charity reaches out to the villages, slums, and tribal areas of India. There are 20 churches in these remote areas, mainly in the states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

The Orphanage's AutoRickshaw

The UK link started in 1993 with an initial plea for support by Pastor Johnson to a UK couple. They responded and so the WWPWP Mission began in the UK, generating support for the work in India. It is now registered as an official charity in the UK.

Support for the Saint Thomas Orphanage and School come almost solely from the UK, with several thousand pounds sent to India each year. Without our regular supporters our work would not be possible.

The Track Leading to the Orphanage


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