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Giving & Sponsorship

The Saint Thomas Orphanage and School provides a happy, secure environment for many orphans. These children have come from a variety of backgrounds and have not had the best start in life. Many come from broken homes, have lost one or both parents, and have been living in severe poverty.

The Saint Thomas Orphanage provides a home and an education for these children, giving them opportunities that they may not have had otherwise. Just £12.50 a month will make a real difference to the children in India. This money goes towards feeding, clothing, and housing a child, enabling them to flourish and grow.

Just over a quarter of the children are sponsored. If more children are sponsored, the orphanage will be able to continue to expand and develop and provide these children with an even better start in life. Commitment to support is what these children need.

If you would like to make a difference in one of these orphans lives, please respond today.

You can select one of the following three ways to sponsor a child or to give to the general work of the WWPSP Mission:

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