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About Us

World Wide People's Salvation Prayer Mission was started in 1987 by Indian Pastor Johnson due to his concern and care for the people of India. The name of the organization was inspired by God.

the vision/work

WWPSP Mission's vision is to help the poor people in rural areas of India. Their work involves reaching out to the poor villages, slums, and tribal areas. The mission consists of 20 churches in over 10 districts, mainly in the state of Tamil Nadu. The Mission runs an orphanage and school in a remote area, south of Bangalore.


The Orphanage

The Saint Thomas Orphanage and School played a large role in Pastor Johnson's decision to start the Saint Thomas Orphanage in 1994 and the decision to move the orphanage to their current site in 1996.

The Orphanage is located in a remote village called Kachuvadi, three hours south of the city of Bangalore. There are currently 84 children living and going to school there. All of these children are from very poor backgrounds. Some have lost one or both of their parents and others have living parents that can not afford to look after them. The orphanage provides a haven for these children at which they are able to receive a good education and be looked after properly.

There are four teachers, a manager, and two domestic workers who live and work on the site. Pastor Johnson is based in Yelchanahalli, just outside Bangalore, and travels to the orphanage once a week to see the children and staff.


The UK Link

The UK Link started in 1993 with an initial plea for support by Pastor Johnson to a UK couple. They responded, and the WWPSP Mission began in the UK, generating support for the mission in India.

Paul and Sarah Ninham took over the administration work in 2002. In 2006 the organization became a registered charity in England.



Support for the WWPSP Mission comes almost solely from the UK, with several thousand pounds being sent over to India each year.

Without our regular supporters this Mission's work would not be possible. A little here goes a long way in India.

Support has grown over the years and with God at the center, it will continue to grow in the future, enabling Pastor Johnson and all involved in the WWPSP Mission to see more of the Mission's vision fulfilled.


Pastor Johnson and his Wife, Thankam

Pastor Johnson and His Wife, Thankam. God called him to start and lead the WWPSP Mission in 1987. He also heads the Yelchanchalli church.


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